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Unstoppable Leverage

Access leverage with no liquidations and on any market.

Designed for DeFi.

Numoen Core is a novel automated market maker (AMM) that creates instant liquidity for crypto-native, leveraged tokens. Enabling the automated liquidity provisioning and leveraged exposure on any token directly on a blockchain.

Continous Leverage

Leverage stays 2x at every price.

No Sophisticated Market Makers

The system provides a general pricing rule that anyone can pool liquidity too.

Decentralized and Open Source

Numoen Core is an open source protocol with no governable parameters, external dependencies, or special privileges.

No Oracles

The automated market maker instead uses arbitrageurs to keep prices accurate.

Any Token

A market can be created for any pair imaginable.

No Liquidations

Yup! Our leveraged tokens are constantly rebalanced and are never at risk of liquidation.